Sandbox …. What Why How ????

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What is sandbox ?








Sandbox is one form of virtualization. huh ?

i mean sandbox is a environment where you can run programs or open documents in isolated manner such that you operating system and hard disk doesnt get infected with malware etc. If you have ever worked with vmware/virtual box/qemu you must have guessed it. Its a very high form of sandboxing since its a complete isolated environment inside your own operating system. Although you will not start a vm just to open a malicious looking document, the idea is the same.

Sandboxing defines a virtual environment inside your OS. It will open any program or document inside that environment forcing its contents not to spread on the local hard disk whether its legitimate or malicious. I have seen sandboxing solution embedded in various anti virus now-a-days, i haven’t tested or checked all of them, but sandboxing is present in one form or another in different antivirus/firewall products. One of such products is GesWall. You can customize it per your needs, i am not saying its the best solution out there but its worth giving a try.

First download GesWall from this site

Now install it and make sure you restart the system to actually observe its behavior. We are not evaluating GesWall but how a SANDBOX technology works 🙂

After you are done with the installation, you should read user guide, but following screenshots will give you a surface view of how it looks like.









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